Prices are subject to change and are exempt from VAT. 
All course fees are based on a minimum of eight learners attending a course. For courses of 13 or more, there is an additional charge per learner. 
Projects for established food safety, publications, and qualifications organisations will be 
agreed through an established contractual basis. 
Terms and conditions agreed through an established contractual basis for the undertaking of specific projects. 

Cancellation of Courses 

Any course or project cancellation made by the customer will be charged at the following rates: 
Less than 10 calendar days: 100% course fee and materials costs payable. 
20 to 11 calendar days: 50% of course fees, and if purchased 100% of materials costs payable. 
More than 21 calendar days: if purchased, 100% of materials costs payable. 
Last-minute substitutes are accepted. 
The trainer or consultant may cancel the courses or projects at short notice and will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by the customer. If the customer has already paid, refunds will be provided unless the course or project is rearranged. 
In the event of strikes, adverse weather, or matters beyond the control of the trainer and/or customer, affected event dates will be rearranged. As necessary, refunds will be made, except for materials purchased for the course 

Travel, accommodation and refreshments 

Travel time will be charged at an hourly rate of (or part of an hour) £25. 
In London Zones 1 to 6, travelling before 0930, fare costs will be paid by the customer as part of the invoice. Travel to all other parts of the country or overseas will be at the expense of the customer. 
Where overnight stays are required, these will be at the expense of the customer. 
Refreshments for any project away from my home will be at the expense of the customer. 

Payment Terms 

Once your request for training has been confirmed and agreed upon, invoices will be issued to you and must be paid by bank transfer within 30 days of the confirmation and agreement. 
Non-payment will be reported to the appropriate enforcing authority and advertised on social media. 

Customers Training Facilities 

The trainer will need access to the venue up to an hour before the session starts in order to set up. 
Certain courses cannot be shortened on the day to suit your operational needs. 
The customer will provide the following for on-site training: 
Pens, pencils, rubbers, erasers, paper, name place cards 
2-4 flipcharts and paper, board markers 
Laptop with DVD facility, speakers, projector, screen 
Refreshments, including drinking water 
Sufficient tables and chairs for learners (U shape if possible) 
Tables, chair, and a lectern for the trainer. 

Individual Learners 

All learners will provide a valid form of identification at the start of each course, and before sitting any RQF examination. 
Mobile phones must be switched off during the training sessions. 
Latecomers to courses may be turned away with no refund. Exceptions may apply. 
Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance 
The trainer or consultant will have professional indemnity insurance. A copy is available upon request. 
The customer will have Public Liability Insurance. 

Health and Safety at Work Act and appropriate provisions 

Both parties will be responsible for compliance with health and safety legislation relevant to the services provided or requested. 

Pandemic and Epidemic Control Measures 

Customers must ensure that the environment in which training is to take place is compliant with appropriate HM Government legislation and advice to control the spread of infectious disease. This includes Covid-19, SARS, and other viral outbreaks. Learners, and other premises users in close proximity, will be expected to have received the appropriate immunisation before the training commences. 

Please contact me directly  

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